Mohamed El-Genk


Mohamed El-Genk
Regents' Professor, Chemical, Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering,
Founding Director, Institute for Space and Nuclear Power Studies (ISNPS),
Farris Engineering Center - Room 239

505 277.5442



  • Ph.D. University of New Mexico Nuclear Engineering, 1978
  • M.S. University of Alexandria Nuclear Engineering, 1975
  • B.S. University of Alexandria Nuclear Engineering, 1968



  • Boiling heat transfer and two-phase flow; natural and mixed convection, and change-of-phase heat transfer; flow field visualization.
  • Nuclear reactors design, safety and thermal-hydraulics and sever accident analyses.
  • Design, integration, safety and multi-physics simulation of Space nuclear power and propulsion systems.
  • Heat pipes and thermosyphones, thermal management of space power systems.
  • Nuclear fuel, materials and fuel cycle; radiation detection; shielding high energetic space particles.



  • ChNE 464/564 Thermal-Hydraulics of Nuclear Systems.
  • ChNE 468/568 Introduction to Space Nuclear Power Systems.
  • ChNE 470 Nuclear materials and Fuel Cycle.
  • ChNE 498L Nuclear Engineering Senior Design.
  • ChNE 521 Advanced Transport Phenomena.
  • ChNE 501/502 Graduate Seminar.
  • CHNE 508 Nuclear Engineering Seminar.

Honors and Awards

  • Scientific Council of International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer, Ankara, Turkey, 2006- present.
  • Chair, ASME / AIChE Max Jacob Award Committee, 2005 –06.
  • The University of New Mexico’s 46th Annual Research Lecturer Award for 2001, the highest honor the University bestows upon members of its faculty, 2001.
  • NASA Advanced Radioisotope System (ARPS) Team, Technology Assessment and Recommended Roadmap for Potential NASA Code S Missions Beyond 2011, 2000 - 01.
  • NASA Space Exploration of the Solar System Technology Assessment Group, 2001- 02.
  • Chair, technical Program Board, AIChE HT&EG Division, 1996 - 99.
  • AIChE Delegate on Assembly of Int. Heat Transfer Conference, 1999 - present.
  • Chair, D. Q. Kern Award Committee, AIChE HT&EC Division, 1998-99.
  • Regents’ Professor, school of Engineering, UNM, 1996.
  • AIChE Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion (HTEC) Division Award, November 2000.
  • Fellow, International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS), 2008.
  • Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), 1999.
  • Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 1999.
  • Associate Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), 1999.
  • Editor, International Journal of Energy Conversion and Management, 1999-present.
  • Fellow, American Nuclear Society (ANS), 1996.
  • Editor, AIChE Symposium Series - Heat Transfer, 1994 - 97.
  • United States Department of Energy Certificate of Appreciation, for an Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion, December 1992.
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Engineering Alumni Club, UNM, 1989-90.
  • Research Excellence Award, College of Engineering, UNM, 1988-89.
  • Graduate Students' Outstanding Teacher Award, CHNE-UNM, 1987-88.
  • ANS Distinguished Faculty Member Honor, Alpha Nu Sigma Honor Society for Nuclear Science and Engineering, 1987.
  • Presidential Lectureship Award, College of Engineering, UNM, 1985-86.
  • Active for life Member, the Honor Society of Phi-Kappa-Phi, 1979-present.



Selected Publications:

  • M. S. El-Genk, “The Challenges of Introducing Nuclear Power in the Gulf Cooperation Council States,” Int. J. Nuclear Governance, Economy and Ecology, 3 (1), 2010.
  • M. S. El-Genk and Gallo, B. M., “High-Power Brayton Rotating Unit for Space Reactor and Solar Power Systems,” J. Propulsion and Power, 26 (1), 167-176, 2010.
  • M. S. El-Genk and Tournier, J.-M., “Effects of Working Fluid and Shaft Rotation Speed on the Performance of HTR Plants and the Size of CBC Turbo-Machine,” J. Nuclear Eng. & Design, 239, 1811-1827, 2010
  • M. S. El-Genk and Schriener, T. M., “Performance and Radiological Analyses of Space Reactor Power System Deployed into a 1000 – 3000 km Earth Orbit,” J. Progress in Nuclear Energy, 52, 2010, 236 – 248.
  • M. S. El-Genk, “Toward Global Standards on Peaceful Uses of Space Nuclear Reactor Power Systems,” J. British Interplanetary Society, 62 (7/8), 2009, 282 – 293.
  • M. S. El-Genk, “Deployment History and Design Considerations for Space Reactor Power Systems,” Acta Astronautica, 64, 883-849, 2009.
  • Hatton, S. H. and M. S. El-Genk, “Sectored Compact Space Reactor (SCoRe) Concepts with a Supplementary Lunar Regolith Reflector,” J. Progress in Nuclear Energy, 51, 93-108, 2009.
  • Pham, T. T, M. S. El-Genk, “Dose Estimates in a Lunar Shelter with Regolith Shielding,” Acta Astronautica, 64, 697- 713, 2009.
  • M. S. El-Genk and In-Hwan Yang, “Friction Numbers and Viscous Dissipation Heating for Laminar Flows of Water in Micro-tubes,” J. Heat Transfer, 130(8), 082405-1-082405-13, 2008.
  • M. S. El-Genk, “Space Reactor Power Systems with No Single Point Failures,” J. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 238, 2245-2255, 2008.
  • M. S. El-Genk, H. H. Saber, and J. L. Parker, “Efficient Spreaders for Cooling High Performance Computer Chips,” J. Applied Thermal Engineering, 27, 1072 – 1088, 2007.
  • King, J. C. and M. S. El-Genk, “Submersion Criticality Safety of Fast Spectrum Space Reactors: Potential Spectral Shift Absorbers,” J. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 236(3), 238-254, 2006.
  • M. S. El-Genk and J.-M. Tournier, “Review of Refractory Metal Alloys and Mechanically Alloyed-Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steels for Space Nuclear Power Systems.” J. Nuclear Materials, 340, 93-112, 2005.
  • M. S. El-Genk and J.-M. Tournier, “SAIRS” – Scalable AMTEC Integrated Reactor Space Power System,” Progress in Nuclear Energy, 45(1), 25 – 69, 2004.
  • M. S. El-Genk and H. Bostanci, “Combined Effects of Subcooling and Surface Orientation on Pool Boiling of HFE-7100 from a Simulated Electronic Chip,” J. Experimental Heat Transfer, 16, 281-301, 2003.
  • Abdel-Fattah, A. I., M. S. EL-Genk, and P. Reimus, "Automated Video Microscopic Imaging and Data Acquisition System for Colloid deposition Measurements," J. Colloid and Interface Science, 246, 241-258, 2002

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Total Publications in Career:

  • 280 Refereed papers, 240 Conference Proceedings full papers, 57 Conference Transactions Articles, 77 Technical Reports and 4 US patents awarded, with 3 pending, Book and > 50 Book volumes, and 5 Book Chapters.